The Pirates of Penzance, SO/D’Oyly Carte, 2013

“Not taking things too seriously is after all the key to any G&S operetta and the cast here entered into the spirit with gusto. The only character who has to conform is Frederic, the naive, duty-bound and woefully conflicted pirate apprentice, played to perfection by Nicholas Sharratt with his cutlass sharp English accent.”

Susan Nickells, The Telegraph, Saturday 18th May 2013


“On this first night, Nicholas Sharratt and Stephanie Corley sang Frederic and Mabel and did so as a pair of innocent and bemused youngsters never entirely sure what was happening to them – he dipping into a volume of Scouting for Boys for tips on how to behave just as often as she looked into a copy of Scouting for Girls. Sharratt’s lyric tenor tone fitted his character like a glove. Though clearly more at home in the upper register, he was never found wanting all evening.”

Kevin Holdsworth, Opera Brittania, Saturday 18th may, ****


“Nicholas Sharratt is perfectly cast as the hapless Frederic – he’s handsome, articulate, doe-eyed and sings beautifully.”

Kate Molleson, The Guardian, Thursday 16th may, ***


“The young lovers from the first of two alternating pairs come off best. Nicholas Sharratt’s sweet light lyric tenor manages to still the high jinks in Frederic’s two loveliest solos.”

David Nice, the arts desk, Wednesday 15th may


“The hero Frederic is played with fluidity and warmth by Nicholas Sharratt… ”

The Herald, Scotland, Wednesday 15th May


“The lightweight innocence of Nicholas Sharratt’s Frederic simply exaggerates the wonderful strain of lunacy that ignites Stephanie Corley’s bubbly Mabel.” ****

Ken Walton, The Scotsman


“Nicholas Sharratt sings Frederic lightly and winningly.”

Martin Thomasson, British Theatre Guide, 11th June


“The characters are well cast both in singing and acting. Much of the plot hinges around Frederic, the pirate apprentice who, free of his indentures, is tricked into staying with the pirate band. Here, played by Nicholas Sharratt, he has strength of character, a good presence and carries the show well. Much sensitivity was shown by Mabel and Frederic in ‘Ah, leave me not to pine’, that was very much respected by the audience.”

Raymond J Walker, seen and heard, 11th June


“The casting is strong indeed. You can hardly do G&S these days without Richard Suart as your patter man, and his Major-General has never been better. Steven Page has the presence and power to be the Pirate King without apology, too. But the best of it is that two of our best young British opera singers are the romantic leads, Frederic and Mabel. Nicholas Sharratt has made his mark with opera audiences in the North West already (with Opera North and English Touring Opera)…His light tenor is ideal for this music.”

Robert Beale, Manchester Theatre Awards, 11th June